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“It’s the members, stupid”

Many of you millennial-types are too young to remember the debates when Bill Clinton was running for office.  People as old as I am can skip the next section, but I provide it for context. “It’s the economy, stupid” is … Continue reading

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Utah’s Ban on Porn

I am about to do something I never thought I’d do in my life.  I’m about to defend porn.  Well, not really; but it’s going to come across that way.  I’m going to use this guy to help me: Oh … Continue reading

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2016 And new Posts

Happy 2016, everyone. I’ve heard a few people say “Where are the great Mithryn posts?  Why are their fewer timelines in my life?  What new eclectic features of Church History am I missing out on?” Okay, no; no one is … Continue reading

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10 Reasons that Exmormons are not Kylo Ren

**Spoiler warning, this post is going to give away and discuss a central plot point to “The Force Awakens.  Do not read if you have not seen the movie, or dislike spoilers.  You have been warned!**

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Children and the handbooks timeline (updated)

  Credit to Laura Compton for assembling this. The first Church Handbook of Instruction was published in 1900 in response to Lorenzo Snow’s tithing visits to Southern Utah.  The handbook only speaks about how to handle Tithing. April 1935 – The … Continue reading

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A pet peeve of mine

I know that pet peeves can be silly, and this one is.  This really bugs me though.  Children’s bible stories: The cartoon style to appeal to children, while at the same time including rape, murder, homosexual relations as a condemnation … Continue reading

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Imagine that you’re driving down a highway…

And you recognize the school bus in front of you as coming from your home town.  Not just that, but as you pull along side it, you realize that it is, in fact, from your old school. A wash of … Continue reading

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Were we lied to by church leaders?

History vs. Heritage While I like the trip down history lane given by the blog linked above, the individual writing leaves out some important moments in history While the church is, without question, paying the price for promoting an overly-simplified … Continue reading

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An Exmormon view into the new Star Wars

I’ve seen several posts on here about the Star Wars trailer. I want to voice my own concerns as I think it is a shared experience among many of us that is hard to identify, let alone vocalize. I am … Continue reading

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Not the real Last Week Tonight – Religious (dis)inheritance

  [EDIT: 9/4/2015 2:01 p.m. MST] Update, within 24 hours of this blog reporting on the LDS Philanthropies video (and the author posting to Reddit), it was taken down by the user: We did it!  A little attention and a … Continue reading

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