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Critical Thinking, Logic, and Skepticism for Children Course: Lesson 3 (Types of Reasoning)

Lesson 3: Review Homework.  Let each child read their essay, and explain how it felt to think as someone else. Inductive and Deductive Reasoning: The Premise: A premise is a statement that an argument claims will induce or justify a … Continue reading

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Ezra T. Benson and the marketing gimmick

In October of 1988, Ezra T. Benson, then prophet of the church, gave a speech that would become the defining characteristic of his presidency. The talk was entitled “Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon.” I was but a … Continue reading

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Our own peek into the First Presidency vault

On and there is a list of items found in the First Presidency vault. This list is every item on that list, linked to any document outside the vault (scan, photo reproduction, or, in some cases, a BYU article … Continue reading

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Wilford Woodruff pants on fire: Pure Mormonism exposes old time GA BS The basic upshot is that the founding fathers had their work done for them multiple times before they appeared to Wilford Woodruff. In other words, Wilford was caught in a blatant lie. Kudos to Pure Mormonism for finding this.

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Benson Bullsh*t: Grab your gun and fight the commies

  Ezra T. Benson President Benson is typically listed as being the “Secretary of Agriculture under Eisenhower” by the church, in order to lend his presidency credibility. While this is true, this doesn’t incorporate the full story of Benson. Benson … Continue reading

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A lack of evidence doesn’t show an evidence of lack: A new perspective

Often, when I begin discussing Mesoamerican details with members of the church, they say something similar to the following: “We haven’t found gold in Mesoamerica…yet!” “Lack of evidence doesn’t mean an evidence of lack.We could still find horses in Pre-Columbian … Continue reading

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By their fruits ye shall know them (Dean L. Larsen)

This post comes from man_without_wax on reddit.  He picked up on this, and it was too good not to share: “I’ve been thinking a lot about the phrase ‘by your fruits ye shall know them’ and how it is used … Continue reading

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Ryan Cragun’s “What You Don’t Know About Religion” User takingstock challenged me to review Ryan Cragun’s podcast with John Dehlin about his book: What You Don’t Know About Religion (but should). Now, I’ve been trained as an economist, and part of that were statistic classes. Part of … Continue reading

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James E. Faust’s little white lie about kissing

James E. Faust (First Presidency): We must wait for the proper season in life to use some sacred gifts; we must prepare for that season. I did not kiss my wife until we were engaged to be married. I have tried … Continue reading

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What to do if you stop believing and are a student at BYU-Idaho

I know that students fear doubting because the University threatens to take away their diploma and alter their entire future based on their agreement to the honor code. This weekend, I pled (past tense of “plead”) the case of the … Continue reading

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