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Plagiarism and The Globe – a comparative analysis

Let’s say that Joseph Smith Jr. Published the Book of Mormon today, with Google’s search capability, the blogsphere, and plagiarism techniques and standards.  What might have happened?  What might have happened when he published the Book of Commandments or the … Continue reading

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Who goes to Outer Darkness, a handy guide

In my last post, I claimed that I might be a candidate for outer darkness.  A lot of people wanted a source on that.  As with anything in Mormon doctrine, there’s a lot of confusion, contradictory information and just all … Continue reading

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The top 10 lies your Mormon friend is telling you

Social media has enabled communication between friends like never before. It’s also enabled lies to be spread (and debunked more quickly) than ever before.  The lies Mormons tell are typically hold-overs from before Snopes was invented, and most Mormons may … Continue reading

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“It’s the members, stupid”

Many of you millennial-types are too young to remember the debates when Bill Clinton was running for office.  People as old as I am can skip the next section, but I provide it for context. “It’s the economy, stupid” is … Continue reading

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