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A leading FAIR apologist strikes back

After my last post, some feedback was sent to me by a certain apologist.  I will be reviewing his feedback to illustrate the problems with a lifetime of mental gymnastics. Complaint the first  I love the idea that I made … Continue reading

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Daniel C. Peterson: Another Day, Another Paid Bully

[Update 8/25/2014] Mr. Peterson’s entire talk can be found here I have to wonder if I need to apologize to Jeremy Runnells.  Before my article on “Big Lists,” FAIR hadn’t seemed to notice the CES letter.  But Jeff Lindsay replied … Continue reading

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Bayesian thinking and the Statistical analysis of the Book of Mormon

News from a recent Exmo presentation rocked the world of exmos and apologists alike when a presentation suggested two entirely new books as sources for the Book of Mormon.  The Late War of the United States against Britain and The First Book … Continue reading

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Joseph Smith Translation “mistakes” timeline

1823 Joseph’s Uncle’s business partner attempts to pass off ancient writing to Dr. Mitchell, same Dr. Mitchell that Joseph Smith Jr. would approach before Charles Anthon about the Book of Mormon (The Detroit Manuscript): 1827-1830 – Book of Mormon Translation containing … Continue reading

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A thought about walking on eggshells

Every few days (seems like everyday)  over on the exmormon subreddit there is a new post that reads something like the following: My [mom/father/spouse/children] found out that I don’t believe in the church.  They have [an apartment/ a room/ a … Continue reading

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The father of all lies

Could it be… SATAN? On my blog, I called Brian Hales a bully for his commentary on Jeremy Runnells.  You can read that post here An interesting point is that Mr. Hales actually commented on the post: Hi Jeremy et … Continue reading

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