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The ABC’s of Science and Mormonism – First 10 letters

A is for Gold (Au) B is for Brass C is for Cattle D is for Devil E is for Etymology F is for Fighting G is for Holy Ghost H is for Hemisphere or Heartland, if you prefer I is … Continue reading

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The Gospel according to Jake

All the best of Brother Jake in one place (credit to /u/YoungModern for compiling the list: Now a basic overview of the gospel[2]  . Then an explanation of the nature of your soul[3]   and where it came from and … Continue reading

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Did Brigham Young engage in Human Trafficing

And perhaps more importantly is “Human Trafficking” baked into the Mormon narrative? To understand this, we turn to… the Pope. Yesterday (July 22nd, 2015) the Pope met with Mayors from around the world and discussed Climate change and Human trafficking, … Continue reading

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Twopence more and up goes the donkey

“Twopence more and up goes the donkey”.  It’s a fascinating phrase because it only exists for a limited time in London.  It has a meaning that people ascribe to it, and even one man who claims to have invented it, … Continue reading

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“No Official Doctrine”

Things the LDS Church has no official position on (According to FAIRMormon): 1) Evolution[1] which is funny because the Garden of Eden, The Fall, Noah’s flood and such all are impacted by this concept 2) The Official location of the … Continue reading

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Baloney detector and kids

A great post.  Just going to link to it without further commentary: And animations mentioned in the article:

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