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Employment Advice

This is a summary of a post I made a long time ago, that ended up being the highest traffic to the subreddit ever. It comes from a resume writing and interviewing course. Take a piece of paper. Right now.  … Continue reading

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Recovery Step 5. Walking away

I’ve dreamed of making this post ever since the day someone made a similar one on the site. “Well, I’m done here.  I know the church isn’t the real deal and I’m moving on with my life.  Thanks for … Continue reading

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Kirltand Safety Society Timeline (note this was built back in January 2013)

Feb 22, 1816 Ohio legislature passes a law that any entity that engages in banking activities is a bank, and must therefore have a charter 1816 Total money supply in U.S. $67.3 million, mostly due to creation of Second Bank … Continue reading

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What does the Spaulding-Rigdon timeline mean

The timeline is here for all those no sure what I’m talking about: But I’ve heard the feedback and the cry: “What does it all mean?!”  So this is the TL;DR version and my supposition about events.

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Craig Criddle SpR “Translation” Timeline

Craig Criddle posted the following on RfM: Here’s a hypothetical timeline for the “translation” that is consistent with the Spalding-Rigdon Theory: 1809-1814 – Spalding wrote Manuscript Found, a precursor to the BoM that contained the historical parts. around 1814 – … Continue reading

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Spaulding-Rigdon Timeline

Summary:  There is a theory that Sidney Rigdon helped Joseph Smith create the Book of Mormon based on a manuscript written by a man named Solomon Spaulding.  This timeline is a summary of all events that indicate that this theory … Continue reading

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