Craig Criddle SpR “Translation” Timeline

Craig Criddle posted the following on RfM:

Here’s a hypothetical timeline for the “translation” that is consistent with the Spalding-Rigdon Theory:

1809-1814 – Spalding wrote Manuscript Found, a precursor to the BoM that contained the historical parts.

around 1814 – Rigdon copied Manuscript Found

1823 -1827 – Rigdon added Disciples of Christ and Arminian Theology to Manuscript Found

around 1826 – Rigdon and Smith agreed upon a plan to create a new American scripture. Smith would act as the Seer and would reveal the new scripture to the world.

September 1827 – Rigdon gave his modifed version of Manuscript Found to Smith

April 12-Jun 14, 1828 – Smith “translated” the first 116 pages. Harris was the duped scribe. Translation rate was about 2 pages per day.

June 1828 – Harris lost the first 116 pages

July-Sept 1828 – Rigdon revised Mosiah through Mormon 7, adding some more Disciples of Christ doctrines.

Sept 22, 1828 – Rigdon gave Smith the revised version of Mosiah through Mormon

7. Oct 2, 1828 – Mar 15, 1829 – Smith translated the revised version slowly (0.5 page per day) with Emma as his duped scribe. They only made it through Mosiah.

Oct-Nov, 1828 – Rigdon wrote 1 Nephi and part of 2 Nephi, adding more Disciples of Christ doctrines.

Dec, 1828 – Rigdon gave 1 Nephi and part of 2 Nephi to Smith.

Jan-Mar, 1829 – Rigdon wrote Mormon 8-10, added Ether, finished 2 Nephi and added more Disciples of Christ doctrines.

April 6, 1829 – June 6, 1829 – Oliver Cowdery assisted translation of Alma, Helaman, 3 Nephi, 4 Nephi, Mormon 1-7. Translation was rapid (6 pages per day). Method of translation = copying (so it’s fast).

May 1829 – Rigdon finished 2 Nephi, Jacob, Moroni, Enos, Jarom, Omni, Words of Mormon and gave them to Smith after adding more Disciples of Christ doctrines and details needed for Church organization.

June, 1829 – Translation proceeded rapidly through Words of Mormon. Method of translation = copying, with some duping of the Whitmers. Cowdery probably helped with the editing. Time to “translate” = 5.5 months of dictating to a dupe + 3 months of copying = 8.5 months


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2 Responses to Craig Criddle SpR “Translation” Timeline

  1. jr says:

    What is the source that verifies that Rigdon found the manuscript of Spalding’s book and that Rigdon copied it?

    I read else where that Rigdon broke into the printer’s shop where Spalding’s manuscript was being kept and Rigdon stole it. The person could give no proof of this. You are saying Rigdon copied it. So did Rigdon just copy it or did he steal the original?

    • Mithryn says:

      You have confused two events:

      1) Spaulding’s widow accused Joseph of stealing the manuscript while digging a well for her.

      2) Rigdon had two or three eye witnesses state he had the manuscript. He borrowed it from the printer he made book bindings for as a tanner, and then didn’t return it (may have paid even) since the author was dead.

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