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The Man who wrote the LDS Essay on the Book of Abraham was a fraud?

Well at least the conclusion that the Book of Abraham has “parts of standard funerary texts that were deposited with mummified bodies”. Who wrote the essay?  I’m not sure, it’s unsigned, but what LDS scholar claimed this idea first? To … Continue reading

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Dating Fanny Alger (most likely 1835 – 1836)

DatingFannyAlger Link goes to a PDF.  Research is someone else’s.  Text of research below: Dating the Joseph Smith – Fanny Alger Relationship   Identifying the exact year of the marriage or relationship between Joseph Smith and Fanny Alger is challenging.  … Continue reading

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17 new reasons to doubt in 2017

When the CES letter came out, the apologists complained that the issues brought up were “old issues” and despite their answers to many of the old issues being wrong, untested, or simply insufficient, they expected people to doubt the CES … Continue reading

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