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Rex D. Pinegar’s story of Spencer Kimball’s Denmark trip (that is Boyd K. Packer’s latest “hard stance” doctrine)

Once upon a time, which is how all the best stories of General Authorities start, President Kimball, the rest of the twelve, and several seventies headed to Denmark for a regional conference. Rex D. Pinegar was there and related it … Continue reading

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L. Tom Perry: The one trick pony

Recently, L. Tom Perry gave a speech to the students graduating from BYU. Before I continue, I want you all to know that I really kinda like L. Tom Perry. He’s a grandpa-kinda figure, and seems less caught up in … Continue reading

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King of all GA bullsh*t: Paul H. Dunn

For the younger readers, I give the wiki¬†and a quick summary. Paul H. Dunn was a major General Authority in the 70s and early 80s who was caught lying through his teeth so often that he was removed as a … Continue reading

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Thomas Monson’s Friend, Arthur Patton

In 1969, Thomas S. Monson told a story of a friend named “Arthur Patton” and his sad widowed mother. The story is reproduced in full here. Thomas gives some very detailed info about Arthur in this talk. He had blond, … Continue reading

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Ann Rowley biscuit story told by Marcus B. Nash

This story, told in General Conference, has all the hallmarks of BS. Feels good, single source that was a friend of someone who was present when the story was told 50 years later by a woman who was in her … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Five Dollar Lawn

The myth of the five dollar lawn, the Countess, and Vaughn J. Featherstone’s Aldin Porter story. When I was in Young Men’s, they read us the story of the five dollar lawn. Every time I’d mow the lawn, the story … Continue reading

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Nutty Mormon History 1- From Post Mormon and friends meetup

Powerpoint with sources: Honest-Mormon-Nuttiness

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