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Boyd K. Packer and a Whole New Sin

Once upon a time, my father and I attended priesthood session.  On our way there, my father commented how bad he felt for Boyd K. Packer because he always had to take the “conversation to the young men”.  He was … Continue reading

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Accountability and the Church

On, a search for the term “Accountability” produces a huge number of results.  It is a central topic discussed by leadership in the church.   For example This feeling of accountability, which is encompassed by the first great commandment to love God, … Continue reading

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Stop pushing the button

When I was in college I learned about a very particular experiment that changed my life: The Milgram experiment in which volunteers were told the buttons they were pressing were harming another human, but were told to keep doing it by … Continue reading

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In a recently  published article, (renamed FAIRMormon and still not sued for it despite it being far more often taken as church sponsored when it isn’t than a dating site ever would be) contributor Kevin Christensen attacks Jeremy Runnells, the author … Continue reading

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Modest Living Allowance for Mission Presidents – Everything covered

The Mission President’s Handbook page 80 Things covered 100% Living expenses (Food, tourist spots, christmas presents, etc.) Medical expenses Mission expenses for children serving One round trip per child to come out and visit you on your mission K-12th school … Continue reading

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Excommunications, some Perspective

Today is Friday 13th.  The only one, I’m told, that will have a “full moon” until 2049, or so I’m told, not that I understand why that would be significant. But the story behind why we fear Friday the 13th, … Continue reading

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Anyone who thinks the church isn’t trying to control the message

Okay so first they go after the tribune Then they sue one of their own to get ownership of the word “Mormon” Then they excommunicate bloggers and those with voices and followings As well as the non famous  by lying … Continue reading

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A modest proposal that the church has not excommunicated enough

I’m sure everyone is aware by now that John Dehlin, softspoken P.H.D. who has the audacity to say that Gay people in the church should be respected and welcomed as equals, and Kate Kelly, a woman who claims that women … Continue reading

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Elder Gene R. Cook and Mic Jagger

In 1989, Elder Gene R. Cook gave a speech at Ricks (Now BYU-Idaho) about a time he sat next to Mick Jagger on a plane.  I’m guessing in first class, as I have a hard time seeing the lead singer … Continue reading

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Recently the whole “Shoulders editing in yearbooks” think blew up world wide Then the students pointed out it was to shame them, and that the boys were NOT photoshopped even though they sometimes wore no shirt at all! Of course … Continue reading

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