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Copyright “Mormon”

Many of you both in and out of the church have probably heard about the trial over ownership of the word “mormon”. But I would guess you wouldn’t think it a “Big deal”.  Why does the church even care. Well, … Continue reading

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Structure of the Corporation of The President / Bishopric (Actual LDS “Church”)

[Update 11/25/2015 added a few images created by others] Corporation of the President (Corporate Sole  all assets owned by President of the Church) Board of Directors -> First Presidency and 12 apostles  Investigation by Reuters in collaboration with sociology professor … Continue reading

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Doctrine of Adoption by Temple sealing

This is a series of posts from an InfoBase CD from the 90’s made by faithful members at the COB for only the most faithful members. This is not meant to challenge members faith, but to preserve the information shared … Continue reading

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Original Chart for the Corporation of the president Text copied for preservation purposes: Corporation of the PresidentARTICLES OF INCORPORATION of the CORPORATION OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, STATE OF UTAH COUNTY OF SALT LAKE I, the … Continue reading

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How to talk to an apostate, a beginners guide

Notes from a presentation based on a post to /r/LDS[1] that was deleted with the subreddit a long time ago: Common sayings that members repeat without thinking that can be harmful, with why they hurt illustrated and the “Reverse” phrase to illustrate: … Continue reading

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Adam-God Doctrine Timeline (dozen instances over 37 year time span recorded)

April 9, 1852 – Brigham Young,  – HE is our FATHER and our GOD April 9, 1852– Hosea Stout – President Brigham Young taught that Adam was the father of Jesus and the only God to us. October 23, 1853 … Continue reading

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