Copyright “Mormon”

Many of you both in and out of the church have probably heard about the trial over ownership of the word “mormon”.

But I would guess you wouldn’t think it a “Big deal”.  Why does the church even care.

Well, think of it this way:  The church is Moe, and he has just found the kid on the playground who is the easiest to beat up:

Give me the copyright twinkie or you’ll never see salvation

You see the church could have gone after any website using the name “Mormon”, for example, my own.  Or how about any of these:

And any number of additional groups whose message is not owned by the church.  But all of these are already opposed to the LDS church and unlikely to cave.  No, the church went after one of it’s own members thinking, I’d bet, he or she would cave quickly to their control.

And the Church would want it to go to trial.  They would want a clear legal victory on the books for owning the term Mormon.  After that, you can bet that the church will engage in “Copyfraud”, that is, they would send cease and desist notices to the above blogs using the term Mormon, as well as probably even Utah Lighthouse Ministries and others who simply use the word Mormon, in an attempt to control the message.

Imagine shutting down anyone who couldn’t face the combined legal might of the LDS church, when they have a victory to wave.

Luckily, the EFF (the good guys) have rushed in to Calvin’s rescue, asking the case to be dismissed as this is obviously a case of trying to own a term that predates the LDS faith (the term “Mormon” being invented by those opposed to the church as a derogatory term back before “Latter Day Saints” was even thought of; when it was the “Church of Christ”.

If Jonathen Eller wants to throw the judge for a loop, he should point out that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was ended by the Supreme Court in 1890; and that any ownership of the term “Mormon” was surrendered then.  Or that the Supreme Court declared that the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was most likely the legitimate successor and awarded properties held by the Utah church to them then.  Wouldn’t it just beat all if the Community of Christ were to slap the LDS church with a lawsuit for, the Book of Mormon, and anything using the word Mormon after this case was done if found the term really belonged to them?

Members, how do you feel about your church bullying people in attempt to control?  I’d see it as taking Satan’s path, instead of inviting everyone to read, learn, and decide for themselves, it’s trying to silence any voice but one.  And that would make me… uncomfortable.

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2 Responses to Copyright “Mormon”

  1. Angry Ex-Mormon says:

    What bunch of goobers thought this up? They have a bad enough time trying to keep their “first vision” story straight to worry about someone using the word “mormon” for any reason. Thats tantamount to trying to copyright the word “crap”… then again, they’ll get some idiot judge in mormon land (read that as utah, were i didn’t leave anything and have no desire to go back to find it) will take the case…only after very thoughtful prayer and consulting with the top three to make sure that it’s all controlled from on high….

    bunch of moron’s….oops, i mean mormon’s trying to make sure that thier empire doesn’t topple…..

    sorry to sound so negative, but a science fiction author once said that the easiest way to get rich is to invent a religion….l ron hubbard did it with the “church of scientology….so i’m skeptical after learning some of the history behind the LDS church….

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