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Seminary Lesson 7: Matthew 3 – Organizations need to Repent

Lesson 7: Matthew 3 This lesson is one of the most fascinating lessons ever.  No, I’m serious; I’d put it up on the top list of things that logic students, psychology students, business majors and theologians all should study.   It’s … Continue reading

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If God were a Superhero…

Which superhero would He be most like? Would he be like Batman? Working in mysterious ways, the perfect man, never killing even the guilty, protecting the innocent and always ensuring Justice? Would he be like Spiderman?  Is god the under-dog … Continue reading

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Elder Ballard and Pokemon, continued

I was cut off before I finished my last post on Elder Ballard’s Stake talk, and didn’t get to the Pokemon portion. I posted the talk to Reddit”s and Both places gave interesting responses.  From people who stated … Continue reading

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Elder Ballard, transparency, Pokemon and my kids

Elder Ballard spoke on 9/11/2016 to a multi-stake conference.  My family attended, warning, this post is going to get a bit more personal. The Audio is here: My Transcript of key items and the time they are said is … Continue reading

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Seminary 2016 Lesson 6: Matthew 1–2

Lesson 6: Matthew 1–2 Right off the bat we are not covering that Mark is actually the oldest of the gospels and that Matthew is a derivative work “Marcan priority has been accepted by most scholars since the late nineteenth … Continue reading

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Seminary confusion – What is Doctrine?

Before the Plan of Salvation™ was introduced to the students, it would have been very good to clarify what counts as “doctrine” and what doesn’t. However, the editing of the curriculum online gives us a unique view that even the … Continue reading

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