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Map of Mormon Schisms by /u/SpoonMo

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LDS Church and Same Sex Marriage Timeline

Same Sex Marriage Timeline courtesy of /u/KrampusonaShelf from Reddit -August 7, 1984 newly called apostle Oaks writes memo to church: “Principles to Govern Possible Public Statement on Legislation Affecting the Rights of Homosexuals.” In it he advises against church trying to … Continue reading

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Timeline of the Proclamation on the Family

Credit to /u/KickintheFunk from Reddit

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A timeline of thought control

You might have once had someone give you a backhanded compliment.  A child once told me I looked great for being so old (This is when I was 18, by the way), and although it’s nice for the compliment, the … Continue reading

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Heber J. Grant and his family, a timeline of the rise of the modern church

Pre-Nauvoo  Rachel’s family was contacted by a missionary named Jedediah “Jeddy” Grant.  She loved to sing, which was forbidden by her family’s faith.  They were Quakers and were discouraged that she was “all levity” after joining the Mormons Jedediah Grant marched … Continue reading

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1886 Revelation of John Taylor and the FLDS timeline

Feminist Mormon Housewives podcast on John W. Woolley for more details. Basics about the Woolley family: Woolley was born to Edwin D. and Mary W. Woolley, the first of Edwin’s seven wives, in Newlin, Chester County,Pennsylvania. Edwin Woolley was originally a Quaker farmer, but converted to Mormonism in … Continue reading

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Adam-God Doctrine Timeline (dozen instances over 37 year time span recorded)

April 9, 1852 – Brigham Young,  – HE is our FATHER and our GOD April 9, 1852– Hosea Stout – President Brigham Young taught that Adam was the father of Jesus and the only God to us. October 23, 1853 … Continue reading

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Kirltand Safety Society Timeline (note this was built back in January 2013)

Feb 22, 1816 Ohio legislature passes a law that any entity that engages in banking activities is a bank, and must therefore have a charter 1816 Total money supply in U.S. $67.3 million, mostly due to creation of Second Bank … Continue reading

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What does the Spaulding-Rigdon timeline mean

The timeline is here for all those no sure what I’m talking about: But I’ve heard the feedback and the cry: “What does it all mean?!”  So this is the TL;DR version and my supposition about events.

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Craig Criddle SpR “Translation” Timeline

Craig Criddle posted the following on RfM: Here’s a hypothetical timeline for the “translation” that is consistent with the Spalding-Rigdon Theory: 1809-1814 – Spalding wrote Manuscript Found, a precursor to the BoM that contained the historical parts. around 1814 – … Continue reading

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