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Spaulding-Rigdon Timeline

Summary:  There is a theory that Sidney Rigdon helped Joseph Smith create the Book of Mormon based on a manuscript written by a man named Solomon Spaulding.  This timeline is a summary of all events that indicate that this theory … Continue reading

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Polygamy Timeline

Note Age of Consent in the 1900’s: “Early English law set the age of consent at ten, the age was gradually raised over the years. In the nineteenth century, most states had set the age of consent at ten. A … Continue reading

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Mountain Meadows Massacre Timeline

Most of the details on this post are taken from William Bagley’s book.  Will Bagley is a historian specializing in the history of the Western United States and the American Old West. Bagley has written about the fur trade, overland emigration, American Indians, military history, frontier … Continue reading

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Bishop’s Interview Timeline

[Updated with specific language for the different years from the 1930’s forward in response to Joseph Bishop MTC sex scandal – 3/27/2018] 1830-1840 – Biography of Edward Partridge shows no evidence of temple interviews whatsoever. A recommend is set up by … Continue reading

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The Temple Timeline (Masons, Ancient Temples, Garments and a Lot More)

[TL;DR: There is no way the temple ties back to the temple of Solomon. The Masons formed in the 1400s forward. Yes, the dates line up for the temple to be taken directly from the masons… lots lots more] Sections … Continue reading

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Curious_Mormon’s Tithing Timeline

Originally found here. This is an article reprinted in its entirety except for minor spelling/punctuation/clarity edits as I don’t think I could improve it: _______________________________________________________________ Here’s an interesting view on the history of tithing and how it related to the … Continue reading

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The Law of Consecration Timeline

6 April, 1830 – Church founded. End of April, 1830 – Joseph Smith leads mission to Colesville to Joseph Knight, casts devil out of Newel Knight who is floating on the ceiling.  Colesville saints feel special, being the only members … Continue reading

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Joseph Smith, Orson and Sarah Pratt- A timeline

26 April, 1831 – Orson Pratt Ordained an Elder by Joseph Smith, Jr.’s own hand[1] April 1831 – Mission to Colesville, New York. Several other missions to New York, Ohio, Missouri, and the Eastern States[2] 2 February, 1832 – Ordained a High Priest by Sidney Rigdon … Continue reading

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History of Mormons and Masturbation

Paper about masturbation in mormonism[1] Below are select highlights from the above article with my own commentary. 1920s – 1930s manuals did not forbid masturbation, just over masturbation. From the article: Official church manuals endorsed secular books about sexuality and … Continue reading

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Scan of the Nauvoo Expositor

Scan of original newspaper.  Notice that about 1/3 of it is a testimony of the Book of Mormon, 1/3 is tactfully addressing polygamy, and 1/3 hints at Joseph trying to become president via a secret quorum of 50. William and … Continue reading

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