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How shall we look when we are Damned?

In Alma 14 Alma and Amulek are placed in prison for their beliefs by the ruling priests and politicians.  They face a kangaroo court trial and are smitten.  The whole group of leaders gathers around them and says a phrase that … Continue reading

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Crime and Punishment

John Dehlin is making waves throughout the blogsphere and LDS circles.  The LDS church is going to excommunicate him for being an outspoken LGBT ally, supporter of OW and for not being believing.  The trial is complete and for some … Continue reading

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Ordeal by (Eternal) Marriage

In honor of, and wither reverence to Geraldine McEwan (9 May 1932 – Jan 31,2015), may you solve the murders in heaven. Miss Marple is invited out to Utah by her friend, Ann-Margaret, for a marriage of a younger cousin … Continue reading

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