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Elder David A. Bednar – and the wrong birthday

The following was taken from a post by hoserb2k from reddit: In case you were not watching confrence closely, near the end of Bednar’s “load” speech, he proclaimed that April 6th was known to be Jesus’s birthday by “revelation” (link, … Continue reading

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Summer of Decision

The Video My Commentary (Read this in Joel, Crow and Tom Servo’s voices) 0:16 – Gosh I love volkswagon’s.  They look the same no matter the era. 0:27 – Frank Wise did the editing, I hope he was wise about … Continue reading

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Young Women’s – Roll model analysis and the Bechtel test

In the Sunstone article we find that women regularly exercised their priesthood up until Joseph F. Smith sent a letter in 1946. Many people asked “how could correlation remove all knowledge of this in such a short time”.  I thought a … Continue reading

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Top 5 reasons General Conference is not like a Ted talk

This link has shown up a bit on my facebook feed today: comparing General Conference to TED talks. Very well, they compel me to go with them a mile, I will go with them twain.  The top 5 reasons that General … Continue reading

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