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Times that GA’s told old men stories as though they came from God. May have a good point, may be a complete lie, the point is, that these hold no more water than a sieve and should be ignored.

Why do you stay? (A response to the “Where will you go” talk by Elder Ballard)

Compare and contrast to the “Where will you go” talk by Elder Ballard] [Update 2/8/2017 11 a.m.: I originally said “Elder Holland” but it was Ballard. Regardless I linked to the right talk] My grandfather was nearing the end of … Continue reading

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Elder Ballard and Pokemon, continued

I was cut off before I finished my last post on Elder Ballard’s Stake talk, and didn’t get to the Pokemon portion. I posted the talk to Reddit”s and Both places gave interesting responses.  From people who stated … Continue reading

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Elder Ballard, transparency, Pokemon and my kids

Elder Ballard spoke on 9/11/2016 to a multi-stake conference.  My family attended, warning, this post is going to get a bit more personal. The Audio is here: My Transcript of key items and the time they are said is … Continue reading

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Boyd K. Packer and a Whole New Sin

Once upon a time, my father and I attended priesthood session.  On our way there, my father commented how bad he felt for Boyd K. Packer because he always had to take the “conversation to the young men”.  He was … Continue reading

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Elder Gene R. Cook and Mic Jagger

In 1989, Elder Gene R. Cook gave a speech at Ricks (Now BYU-Idaho) about a time he sat next to Mick Jagger on a plane.  I’m guessing in first class, as I have a hard time seeing the lead singer … Continue reading

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Adam-God Doctrine Timeline (dozen instances over 37 year time span recorded)

April 9, 1852 – Brigham Young,  – HE is our FATHER and our GOD April 9, 1852– Hosea Stout – President Brigham Young taught that Adam was the father of Jesus and the only God to us. October 23, 1853 … Continue reading

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Elder David A. Bednar – and the wrong birthday

The following was taken from a post by hoserb2k from reddit: In case you were not watching confrence closely, near the end of Bednar’s “load” speech, he proclaimed that April 6th was known to be Jesus’s birthday by “revelation” (link, … Continue reading

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“You mormons are ignoramuses” – Orson F. Whitney

Today’s piece of Bullshit comes from Apostle Orson F. Whitney written in the 1972 Ensign. The quote in question is as follows: “Many years ago a learned man, a member of the Roman Catholic Church, came to Utah and spoke from … Continue reading

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Definition of a “Modest Living Allowance”

What I think of whenever a church leader says that the top dogs are “paid very little”:

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Joseph F. Smith and the Smoot hearings

The Smoot hearings are one of the more fascinating bits of Mormon history.  Reed Smoot (related to Abraham Smoot of BYU fame) was up for being a senator, but the United States decided they needed to investigate polygamy.  What resulted … Continue reading

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