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Times that GA’s told old men stories as though they came from God. May have a good point, may be a complete lie, the point is, that these hold no more water than a sieve and should be ignored.

Quenton L. Cook and Fraud Now to clarify, Quenton’s fraud is a civil matter, and hence would have to be prosecuted in a civil court.  No jail time would be faced here.  It was dismissed by a judge that was talked to by Elder … Continue reading

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Elder Joe J. Christensen, of the Presidency of the Seventy, shouldn’t talk about history

Meet this guy: president of Ricks College, First Presidency of the Seventy and General Authority. Now, he gave a quote that is so mindbogglingly bad that I’ve saved it for Father’s Day. “To illustrate how meaningful that prophecy was and … Continue reading

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G.A. Richard Lyman found in bed with another woman (adultery)

This one is pretty simple. They do excommunicate him and are really quite ashamed. However, it did happened, and it is pretty much hushed up. The Examiner story covers the details well.

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Ezra T. Benson and the marketing gimmick

In October of 1988, Ezra T. Benson, then prophet of the church, gave a speech that would become the defining characteristic of his presidency. The talk was entitled “Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon.” I was but a … Continue reading

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Wilford Woodruff pants on fire: Pure Mormonism exposes old time GA BS The basic upshot is that the founding fathers had their work done for them multiple times before they appeared to Wilford Woodruff. In other words, Wilford was caught in a blatant lie. Kudos to Pure Mormonism for finding this.

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Benson Bullsh*t: Grab your gun and fight the commies

  Ezra T. Benson President Benson is typically listed as being the “Secretary of Agriculture under Eisenhower” by the church, in order to lend his presidency credibility. While this is true, this doesn’t incorporate the full story of Benson. Benson … Continue reading

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By their fruits ye shall know them (Dean L. Larsen)

This post comes from man_without_wax on reddit.  He picked up on this, and it was too good not to share: “I’ve been thinking a lot about the phrase ‘by your fruits ye shall know them’ and how it is used … Continue reading

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James E. Faust’s little white lie about kissing

James E. Faust (First Presidency): We must wait for the proper season in life to use some sacred gifts; we must prepare for that season. I did not kiss my wife until we were engaged to be married. I have tried … Continue reading

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Rex D. Pinegar’s story of Spencer Kimball’s Denmark trip (that is Boyd K. Packer’s latest “hard stance” doctrine)

Once upon a time, which is how all the best stories of General Authorities start, President Kimball, the rest of the twelve, and several seventies headed to Denmark for a regional conference. Rex D. Pinegar was there and related it … Continue reading

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L. Tom Perry: The one trick pony

Recently, L. Tom Perry gave a speech to the students graduating from BYU. Before I continue, I want you all to know that I really kinda like L. Tom Perry. He’s a grandpa-kinda figure, and seems less caught up in … Continue reading

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