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Tithing Bailout timeline

Author’s note: Entries that have bullet points are Tithing related.  Bailouts do not have hyphens.  I combined entries from the tithing timeline to illustrate that changes in demands for tithing occur in and around bailouts. 1829 – Joseph plans to … Continue reading

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Scooby Doo in “All the Angles on Angels”

Setting: Mystery Machine stops in Kirtland.  Fred and Daphne talk to some fronteersy-looking men who are all wet.  The men talk about how they have just been baptized and seen an angel walking on water.  One of the men takes … Continue reading

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Just one more thing… about the Mountain Meadows Massacre

How would Columbo deal with a true mormon murder mystery (Sources and a list of events on the days in question are on the timeline): [update 3:19 p.m. Jan 20th, 2015 – The actual Columbo was named “U. S. District Judge … Continue reading

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The Encyclopedia (Brown) of Mormonism

(In the style of and tribute to Donald J. Sobol’s novels) Now you may have never heard that Joseph Smith once visited Idaville, but he did.  Idaville looked like many other seaside towns its size.  It had lovely beaches, three … Continue reading

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What would Sherlock Holmes say about Mormonism?

Greetings avid readers.  I have taken on a vain ambition in 2015 to apply the simple problem solving skills heard in the “Murder Mystery” genre and to think how the famous detectives and problem solvers would apply that thinking to … Continue reading

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The top 15 (new) reasons to question in 2015

This is not going to be a list like the letter to the CES Director.  This is going to be a short list (call it “Dan Petersen” length) of new issues not discussed previously by apologists or church leaders of … Continue reading

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