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Everything about how the church spends its money.

Leadership and data conference notes

Recently I attended a great multi-industry conference.  A few things speakers said impacted me.  They are included here without spin, but simply allowing the reader to take the context of LDS leadership in connection with the quotes. “To solve any problem … Continue reading

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Tithing Bailout timeline

Author’s note: Entries that have bullet points are Tithing related.  Bailouts do not have hyphens.  I combined entries from the tithing timeline to illustrate that changes in demands for tithing occur in and around bailouts. 1829 – Joseph plans to … Continue reading

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Accountability and the Church

On, a search for the term “Accountability” produces a huge number of results.  It is a central topic discussed by leadership in the church.   For example This feeling of accountability, which is encompassed by the first great commandment to love God, … Continue reading

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Modest Living Allowance for Mission Presidents – Everything covered

The Mission President’s Handbook page 80 Things covered 100% Living expenses (Food, tourist spots, christmas presents, etc.) Medical expenses Mission expenses for children serving One round trip per child to come out and visit you on your mission K-12th school … Continue reading

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Structure of the Corporation of The President / Bishopric (Actual LDS “Church”)

Corporation of the President (Corporate Sole  all assets owned by President of the Church) Board of Directors -> First Presidency and 12 apostles  Investigation by Reuters in collaboration with sociology professor Cragun estimates that the LDS Church is likely worth … Continue reading

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Original Chart for the Corporation of the president Text copied for preservation purposes: Corporation of the PresidentARTICLES OF INCORPORATION of the CORPORATION OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, STATE OF UTAH COUNTY OF SALT LAKE I, the … Continue reading

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General Authority houses

This post was originally posted to Reddit.  The work is not mine, but the relevance of the information made me want to repost. Known residences for the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve apostles. First Presidency Monson – Does … Continue reading

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Definition of a “Modest Living Allowance”

What I think of whenever a church leader says that the top dogs are “paid very little”:

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Senior missionaries called to care for for-profit business: The Elk Ranch

Tending the Flock (Deseret News. July 10, 2000). Is the Church Sacrificing Principle for Profit With Hunting Preserves? (Mormon Matters. September 24, 2009). “And surely, blood shall not be shed, only for meat, to save your lives; and the blood of every … Continue reading

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LDS Church in New Zealand spends ≈ 50% of tithing on salaries

Link to tax returns here[1]. Comparing the overall donations to salaries, I get the following: 2009 – 111.74% (Church run school being funded, school is shut down) 2010 – 52.81% 2011 – 50.71% 2012 – 41.06% The slowly declining ratio … Continue reading

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