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What does the Spaulding-Rigdon timeline mean

The timeline is here for all those no sure what I’m talking about: But I’ve heard the feedback and the cry: “What does it all mean?!”  So this is the TL;DR version and my supposition about events.

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Spaulding-Rigdon Timeline

Summary:  There is a theory that Sidney Rigdon helped Joseph Smith create the Book of Mormon based on a manuscript written by a man named Solomon Spaulding.  This timeline is a summary of all events that indicate that this theory … Continue reading

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Patriarchal blessings and psychic hot readings

On my mission, I was trained by a member who was famous for his blessings how to “hot read“, although at the time I thought it was just how to give a good blessing. Since then, I’ve wondered if these … Continue reading

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Daggers in the temple

There is a picture on the wikipedia page for the endowment mentioning a dagger: I inquired if anyone knew what the dagger was for: “I know that in Masonry, the dagger is used with the cable-tow. They symbolism is … Continue reading

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Walking canes, casket sticks, dousing rods and more: A tour of some of the most bizarre items of mormon folklore history and magic

[Skip down to TL;DR for summary] When I was a wee lad, I heard about canes being made out of the caskets that carried Joseph’s and Hyrum’s bodies. I believe it was mentioned in passing by a tour guide at … Continue reading

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Our own peek into the First Presidency vault

On and there is a list of items found in the First Presidency vault. This list is every item on that list, linked to any document outside the vault (scan, photo reproduction, or, in some cases, a BYU article … Continue reading

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Nutty Mormon History 1- From Post Mormon and friends meetup

Powerpoint with sources: Honest-Mormon-Nuttiness

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Joseph Smith Translation Class Notes

I’m working a lot from memory here, so forgive if I’m not 100% accurate. I was getting engaged at the time I was taking the class, but the subject has come up a lot, so I thought I’d share what … Continue reading

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Zion’s Camp (George Albert Smith) – Institute Video

Hope you all enjoyed a few days off of Institute last week with Saturday’s Warrior. Now we’re back, but it’s still a movie day (Who didn’t love movie days in Institute?). This one is relevant to what we’ve been studying. … Continue reading

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Exploring Mormon Institute 2013 – D&C Lesson 14: The Law of Consecration – An Economist’s Evaluation

The next section in the Exploring Mormon Institute is about “The Law of Consecration.” This is a subject near and dear to my heart. While studying economics at BYU, I was reading “Approaching Zion”[1] by Hugh Nibley. I decided it would be … Continue reading

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