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All about correlation. What it is, where it came from, and what it means for members of the LDS faith.

“No Official Doctrine”

Things the LDS Church has no official position on (According to FAIRMormon): 1) Evolution[1] which is funny because the Garden of Eden, The Fall, Noah’s flood and such all are impacted by this concept 2) The Official location of the … Continue reading

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Top 5 reasons General Conference is not like a Ted talk

This link has shown up a bit on my facebook feed today: comparing General Conference to TED talks. Very well, they compel me to go with them a mile, I will go with them twain.  The top 5 reasons that General … Continue reading

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Our own peek into the First Presidency vault

On and there is a list of items found in the First Presidency vault. This list is every item on that list, linked to any document outside the vault (scan, photo reproduction, or, in some cases, a BYU article … Continue reading

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Exploring Mormon Institute 2013 – D&C Lesson 14: The Law of Consecration – An Economist’s Evaluation

The next section in the Exploring Mormon Institute is about “The Law of Consecration.” This is a subject near and dear to my heart. While studying economics at BYU, I was reading “Approaching Zion”[1] by Hugh Nibley. I decided it would be … Continue reading

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A key that will never rust – appears a bit rusty upon closer inspection

One of the ways church members are encouraged to know and avoid apostasy is by following the majority of the twelve apostles. This is stated over and over in church periodicals via a quote by Joseph Smith: “I will give … Continue reading

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Willingly because we hafta – A new look at Old Nauvoo

Thoughts at Nauvoo: There is a play that the senior missionaries put on named “Rendevouz.” In that play, there is a song named, “Willingly, because we hafta,” in which the men hold prop rifles and sing about how they won’t fight, … Continue reading

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Correlation: What happened between 1890-1920 that created the modern church

Correlation: An Uncorrelated History

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Quotes from General Authorities throughout time, that show the church is in apostasy

“Suppose your youth receive their impressions of church history from “pictures and stories,” and build their faith upon these alleged miracles [and] shall someday come face to face with the fact that their belief rests on falsehoods, what then will … Continue reading

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Subliminal messaging in the church movie “On the way home” – [10:56]

  If you listen carefully, the bikers chant, “Don’t do drugs,” 3 times as they go past (7:45). Also, during the sister missionary discussion, there are inexplicable bubbles blowing through the room.  Really, you need to get the video from … Continue reading

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Boyd K. Packer’s Seminary video – Mercy Cannot Rob Justice, a breakdown

  Basic Premise A man in very Jerusalem BC attire buys a house via debt. He does not pay up and the creditor comes to claim the house and send the man to debtors’ prison. The man’s friend comes to … Continue reading

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