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All about correlation. What it is, where it came from, and what it means for members of the LDS faith.

Temple Ceremony published in the Salt Lake Tribune in 1906

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The Mysteries of the Gospel

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking.  Something, something “deep doctrine,” and “here is what made this guy lose his testimony” or whatever.  But you’re off base. This is actually a link to the full text of the InfoBase CD’s … Continue reading

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Details About the Second Anointing From the Infobase CD

This CD was sold at the BYU bookstore with the intent of being given by the faithful to the faithful as a sort of preparation for receiving the Second Anointing. I detailed the content on the CD to reddit in … Continue reading

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The Survey That Changed the Temple

Full scan available here. Temple rituals modified in 1990 matching the least oral herpes transmission popular responses on the survey.

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Jesus Without His Beard

I’ve always wondered what would happen if a person were to remove Jesus’s beard.  Basically, I see images of Charles Manson fitting right in with the church’s curriculum without even being altered. I mean, leaders in the LDS faith are … Continue reading

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