The Mysteries of the Gospel

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking.  Something, something “deep doctrine,” and “here is what made this guy lose his testimony” or whatever.  But you’re off base.

This is actually a link to the full text of the InfoBase CD’s database entitled “Mysteries.”  Again, this is a CD of faithful quotes intended for faithful people to share with other faithful people (in fact, it had a warning not to share with anti-mormons on the front) most likely to prepare them for the second anointing (all the notes seem to lead up to that as the most wonderful thing in the world).

And I discovered this CD long after I had my own questions and research on many topics.

I’m going to post topics straight from this text file, condensed for readability and understanding, for the next while, but I wanted to get the full text out there so people knew I wasn’t “just making it all up.”

Full Text

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