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Children and the handbooks timeline (updated)

  Credit to Laura Compton for assembling this. The first Church Handbook of Instruction was published in 1900 in response to Lorenzo Snow’s tithing visits to Southern Utah.  The handbook only speaks about how to handle Tithing. April 1935 – The … Continue reading

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A pet peeve of mine

I know that pet peeves can be silly, and this one is.  This really bugs me though.  Children’s bible stories: The cartoon style to appeal to children, while at the same time including rape, murder, homosexual relations as a condemnation … Continue reading

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Imagine that you’re driving down a highway…

And you recognize the school bus in front of you as coming from your home town.  Not just that, but as you pull along side it, you realize that it is, in fact, from your old school. A wash of … Continue reading

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