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Recovery Step 2- Anger

Again, I’m no therapist, simply explaining what I’ve seen dozens of times over from a sample of exmormons and ex-Jehova’s Witnesses on reddit and elsewhere.  If you are having issues coping and moving on see a trained professional. Step 2- … Continue reading

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Steps of Recovery- Doubt

Step One- Doubt Not everyone goes through every step.  This is intended to be a basic guide to help people who ARE in these steps to cope and move on rather than an indication that something is wrong if an … Continue reading

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I’ve been asked by a few people to discuss recovery from the system over the years, and so I thought to create a new category and to discuss a bit.  I am by no means an expert. It is a … Continue reading

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Elder Joe J. Christensen, of the Presidency of the Seventy, shouldn’t talk about history

Meet this guy: president of Ricks College, First Presidency of the Seventy and General Authority. Now, he gave a quote that is so mindbogglingly bad that I’ve saved it for Father’s Day. “To illustrate how meaningful that prophecy was and … Continue reading

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Walking canes, casket sticks, dousing rods and more: A tour of some of the most bizarre items of mormon folklore history and magic

[Skip down to TL;DR for summary] When I was a wee lad, I heard about canes being made out of the caskets that carried Joseph’s and Hyrum’s bodies. I believe it was mentioned in passing by a tour guide at … Continue reading

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Bishop’s Interview Timeline

[Updated with specific language for the different years from the 1930’s forward in response to Joseph Bishop MTC sex scandal – 3/27/2018] 1830-1840 – Biography of Edward Partridge shows no evidence of temple interviews whatsoever. A recommend is set up by … Continue reading

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G.A. Richard Lyman found in bed with another woman (adultery)

This one is pretty simple. They do excommunicate him and are really quite ashamed. However, it did happened, and it is pretty much hushed up. The Examiner story covers the details well.

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Critical Thinking, Logic, and Skepticism for Children Course: Lesson 4 (Patterns)

Opening song: If there’s a question bothering your brain                                                               … Continue reading

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