Joseph F. Smith and the Smoot hearings

The Smoot hearings are one of the more fascinating bits of Mormon history.  Reed Smoot (related to Abraham Smoot of BYU fame) was up for being a senator, but the United States decided they needed to investigate polygamy.  What resulted was many of the prominent members of the church going on trial in the public record

During these trials a prophet of God was put on trial and given the chance to stand up for his beliefs and tell the world what was up.  What happened was that Joseph F. Smith denied having had any revelations ever, except his testimony:

“…I have never pretended nor do I profess to have received revelations…”  – Joseph F. Smith as prophet of God

FJC editorialized: “Gentiles and Mormons, you are front to front with the proposition. Either you must accept Joseph F. Smith as the prophet of God, ordained to speak falsehoods or truth at his pleasure, ratified by God as a liar or a truth teller to meet the prophet’s needs; or, you must consider him a false, deceiving, lying, hypocritical old man, who clings to his power with selfish hands, and who fain would live out the balance of his life with his five wives …”

Now to have full context you have to understand that the mormons believed at that time, that it was no sin to lie to the federal government and so this is probably Joseph F. Smith lying through his teeth, knowing all the members would understand it.

But that stance has all kinds of issues and certainly isn’t one commonly known to members today.  Regardless, lying on trial to the United States rather than using one’s heavenly power… Bullshit.

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