A modest proposal that the church has not excommunicated enough

I’m sure everyone is aware by now that John Dehlin, softspoken P.H.D. who has the audacity to say that Gay people in the church should be respected and welcomed as equals, and Kate Kelly, a woman who claims that women and men are not treated equally in the church (Along with Rock Waterman) are in process of being excommunicated.

This has risen a cry from those who were moderates, or who agreed with John and Kate.  People who think about religious things and have come to conclusions are shocked the LDS church would threaten to excommunicate such individuals.

Well, I think the church hasn’t gone far enough.  There are a lot more individuals more prominent than these two, guilty of the same crimes that should be punished as well

So what exactly were the crimes according to the source of all religious statements, the LDS newsroom?

Sometimes members’ actions contradict Church doctrine and lead others astray. While uncommon, some members in effect choose to take themselves out of the Church by actively teaching and publicly attempting to change doctrine to comply with their personal beliefs.

I see that the crimes have two charges, they have actions contrary to church doctrine, and publicly attempt to change doctrine.  Here is a small list of others who are guilty of this crime.  I hope the Strengthening of Members Committee  will appreciate me doing their work for them.

NAME                       DOCTRINE                                What they taught Publically

Lawrence Poulse     Lamanites were in Missouri    Book of Mormon in Central America on                                                                                             FAIRLDS.org

Edwin G. Goble      Lamanites were in Missouri     Book of Mormon in Niagara on                                                                                                          FAIRLDS.org

Robert A. Pate       Lamanites were in Missouri     Published on Amazon.com

Matthew B. Brown  Adam God Doctrine                FAIR conference in 2009

Brian Hales             D&C 132                                     Published that polygamy was non sexual

I could fill out this list all day!

In case you haven’t picked up on it, mostly these individuals publish on a website named FAIRLDS.org (I expect their legal suit for using FAIRMORMON.org, while not an officially sanctioned organization using the term “Mormon” to be coming any day now).  If the church really wants to send a strong notice to members who mislead by seeming intellectual while ignoring the doctrine, I’d recommend they start here.

More publicity, and leading members astray:

Clive Bundy

Clive Bundy certainly led members astray with his interpretation of law, and almost led to a massacre.

Glen Beck

He gave revelation to Students, quoted bits of the white horse prophecy that even FAIRlds.org won’t defend, and has a website dedicated to his “Lie a day”

Gladys knight

Who convinced the church to buy a university that overcharges Mormon students for a crappy education and used to boast about being a christian school.  The prices and location are so terrible that faithful members were insulted anyone suggested they should attend.

Even Bigger fish to fry

Elder Neil L.           Definition of Doctrine                 Conference talk redefining doctrine Anderson                                                                      that doesn’t even match it’s own                                                                                                        standard

Dallin H. Oaks      Definition of angels                     Taught that Salamanders were angels

David Bednar       Birthdate of Christ                      Stated it was April 6th in conference

Posthumous excommunications

This little known member attacked the Joseph Smith family from the pulpit calling them into question and suggesting that they were not honest.  How such a person could go unpunished for decades after the statements were made, while John Dehlin is targeted is beyond me.  Hopefully the church will correct this little issue post-humusly

Of course if we are going to do excommunications for the dead, we should also excommunicate the following for publicly attempting to change doctrine to comply with their personal beliefs:

Brigham Young for teaching that Adam was God for 37 years or that blacks should never have the priesthood, which LDS.org refutes as being his own idea

Parley P. Pratt for teaching that Bison were the Nephite cattle

Bruce R. McConkie for deliberately misleading members that Brigham didn’t teach the Adam-God theory

Paul H. Dunn for being caught lying to all members (He was not excommunicated for it)

Matthias Crowley for teaching and performing polygamous marriages after the Manifesto (as late as 1920!!! he was not excommunicated for it)


If the LDS church really wants to prove that these excommunicates weren’t about bigotry and misogyny, they should get to work removing other people guilty of the exact same charges that fit the above named perpetrators.  At least have a trial about it.  Otherwise, people both inside and outside the church could get the wrong idea.



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  1. Anyone says:

    Hi Mithryn,
    You list Gladys Knight as the reason for the purchase of SVU by TSCC, but I think you mean Glade Knight, a wealthy LDS businessman. See these two links for references:

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