Joseph Smith Translation “mistakes” timeline

1823 Joseph’s Uncle’s business partner attempts to pass off ancient writing to Dr. Mitchell, same Dr. Mitchell that Joseph Smith Jr. would approach before Charles Anthon about the Book of Mormon (The Detroit Manuscript):

1827-1830 – Book of Mormon Translation containing plagiarism version of Book of Isaiah

1837 – Joseph Smith Translation in the bible including plagiarism of Book of Enoch Parley P. Pratt had possession of about the same time (1841)–  Millennial Star 1 (July 1840):61.

1828 – 1831  Joseph Smith’s false Hebrew:

1828-1834 – Joseph Smith’s ultimately clear language the adamic tongue:

1835 – Book of Abraham which even the church admits does not resemble the Egyptian translation

1843 – Kinderhook plates which are known fraud, translated by Joseph

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