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Greg Trimble, the word is “Adultery”

In this post Greg Trimble makes a plea for the world to stop “hating mormons” for polygamy. Let’s get one thing straight, polygamy is the nice word.  It was adultery. From the perspective of the state of Illinois in 1833 forward, … Continue reading

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A leading FAIR apologist strikes back

After my last post, some feedback was sent to me by a certain apologist.  I will be reviewing his feedback to illustrate the problems with a lifetime of mental gymnastics. Complaint the first  I love the idea that I made … Continue reading

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Daniel C. Peterson: Another Day, Another Paid Bully

[Update 8/25/2014] Mr. Peterson’s entire talk can be found here I have to wonder if I need to apologize to Jeremy Runnells.  Before my article on “Big Lists,” FAIR hadn’t seemed to notice the CES letter.  But Jeff Lindsay replied … Continue reading

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The father of all lies

Could it be… SATAN? On my blog, I called Brian Hales a bully for his commentary on Jeremy Runnells.  You can read that post here An interesting point is that Mr. Hales actually commented on the post: Hi Jeremy et … Continue reading

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Brian Hales uses supposition and deception to accuse an amateur of the same

There are few things that upset me more than a bully.  And by a bully, I mean one who is better equipped singling out and holding up for scorn someone who is not as gifted or skilled in order to … Continue reading

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Most people have asked me a question that goes something like “If you could have members read one book, what would it be?”

Today I was at lunch with the author of the Letter to the CES Director and the subject of how FAIR gives answers that are so nebulous and ambiguous that they could be a plot point on Star Trek. That reminded me of … Continue reading

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Redefining Apostate, or how to illustrate the LDS faith is in fact, apostate by using it’s own leaders quotes

Suppose your youth receive their impressions of church history from “pictures and stories” and build their faith upon these alleged miracles [and] shall someday come face to face with the fact that their belief rests on falsehoods, what then will … Continue reading

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Our own peek into the First Presidency vault

On and there is a list of items found in the First Presidency vault. This list is every item on that list, linked to any document outside the vault (scan, photo reproduction, or, in some cases, a BYU article … Continue reading

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A lack of evidence doesn’t show an evidence of lack: A new perspective

Often, when I begin discussing Mesoamerican details with members of the church, they say something similar to the following: “We haven’t found gold in Mesoamerica…yet!” “Lack of evidence doesn’t mean an evidence of lack.We could still find horses in Pre-Columbian … Continue reading

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Ryan Cragun’s “What You Don’t Know About Religion” User takingstock challenged me to review Ryan Cragun’s podcast with John Dehlin about his book: What You Don’t Know About Religion (but should). Now, I’ve been trained as an economist, and part of that were statistic classes. Part of … Continue reading

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