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Nephites and earrings (one pair), tattoos, and extreme body modifications

Mayan, Aztec, and Inca body art Some body decorations were permanent. The Mayans squeezed the skulls of the most privileged infants between two boards to elongate and flatten their heads and tried to promote crossed eyes by hanging a ball … Continue reading

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“Mormons have Horns” already a rumor in 1842. “Because they wore hats in the 1950s” explanation officially debunked.

Joseph Smith Diary, 31 December, 1842 (emphasis added): As Gen[eral] Law came to the head of the stairs, Some men observed, “There goes [Joseph] Smith the Prophet and a great looking man he is.” And (said another) “As damned a rascal … Continue reading

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Ann Rowley Biscuit story from conference – second hand, no original document

Ann Jewell Rowley Autobiography: 1807-1888 In Conference, from the pulpit in 2012, and yet demonstrably has no good source. Pure hypocrisy for FAIR/The Maxwell Institute not to call out apostles who use this kind of bad source in Conference, but to … Continue reading

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Horse Skull Hoax known by FAIR/The Maxwell Institute, not corrected or removed

Our Collective Responsibility: The Ethics and Practice of Archaeological Collections Stewardship, ed. S. Terry Childs, Washington, D. C.: Society for American Archaeology, 2004 In this case those conclusions are testable. In 2002 I was contacted by Dr. Stephen Jones of … Continue reading

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Wildcat banks and the Kirtland Safety Society: Another FAIRLDS farce

FAIR’s Description: 4.1 Wildcat Banks An almost amusing claim by some critics is that the Safety Society was a wildcat bank. It seems likely this claim is based on the expectation that most readers today don’t know what a wildcat … Continue reading

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