“Mormons have Horns” already a rumor in 1842. “Because they wore hats in the 1950s” explanation officially debunked.

Joseph Smith Diary, 31 December, 1842 (emphasis added):

As Gen[eral] Law came to the head of the stairs, Some men observed, “There goes [Joseph] Smith the Prophet and a great looking man he is.” And (said another) “As damned a rascal as ever lived.” Then Hyrum replied, “And a good many Ditto.” “Yes,” said the man, “Ditto, D[itt]o. God Damn you and any one that takes his part is as damned a rascal as he is.” Then at the foot of the stairs, Law says, “I am the man and I take his part.” “You are a damned rascal to[o].” “/You are/ a Liying /schondrel/,” said the man /Law/. …. Joseph said to the Governor, “I have no creed to circumscribe my mind. Therefore the people do not like me because I do not, cannot circumscribe my mind to their creeds.

“Well,” said the Gov[ernor], “from reports we had reason to think the Mormons were a peculiar people. Different from other people having horns or something of the kind, but I find they look like other people. Indeed I think Mr. Smith is a very good looking man.”

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