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Extra History treatment of the Mountain Meadows Massacre

I dreamed a crazy dream. That we could animate a discussion of the Historical event: “The Mountain Meadows Massacre”. A third party has accepted the challenge to do this for a reasonable price. DONATE HERE Explanation of common questions here: … Continue reading

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The Church is True… which Church?

Someone proposed an idea that caught my fancy.  When members say “The Church is True” the question “Which church, the one Joseph Restored or the modern one”? can be baffling for members.  And yet the two are very very different … Continue reading

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Mormons and War

A sociology student felt overwhelmed about having to write a paper for their capstone and wanting to do something on the topic of the church.  I put forward an idea that bugged me for a long time:   How did … Continue reading

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How shall we look when we are Damned?

In Alma 14 Alma and Amulek are placed in prison for their beliefs by the ruling priests and politicians.  They face a kangaroo court trial and are smitten.  The whole group of leaders gathers around them and says a phrase that … Continue reading

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Tithing Bailout timeline

Author’s note: Entries that have bullet points are Tithing related.  Bailouts do not have hyphens.  I combined entries from the tithing timeline to illustrate that changes in demands for tithing occur in and around bailouts. 1829 – Joseph plans to … Continue reading

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Just one more thing… about the Mountain Meadows Massacre

How would Columbo deal with a true mormon murder mystery (Sources and a list of events on the days in question are on the timeline): [update 3:19 p.m. Jan 20th, 2015 – The actual Columbo was named “U. S. District Judge … Continue reading

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Joseph Smith Translation “mistakes” timeline

1823 Joseph’s Uncle’s business partner attempts to pass off ancient writing to Dr. Mitchell, same Dr. Mitchell that Joseph Smith Jr. would approach before Charles Anthon about the Book of Mormon (The Detroit Manuscript): 1827-1830 – Book of Mormon Translation containing … Continue reading

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A thought about walking on eggshells

Every few days (seems like everyday)  over on the exmormon subreddit there is a new post that reads something like the following: My [mom/father/spouse/children] found out that I don’t believe in the church.  They have [an apartment/ a room/ a … Continue reading

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Lesson 4: Doctrine and Covenants 1

By November 1831, Joseph Smith had received more than 60 revelations. Including some already failed prophesies (such as selling the copyright of the Book of Mormon in Canada), but let’s skip past that.  The Prophet convened a conference in Hiram, Ohio, to … Continue reading

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Craig Criddle SpR “Translation” Timeline

Craig Criddle posted the following on RfM: Here’s a hypothetical timeline for the “translation” that is consistent with the Spalding-Rigdon Theory: 1809-1814 – Spalding wrote Manuscript Found, a precursor to the BoM that contained the historical parts. around 1814 – … Continue reading

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