Extra History treatment of the Mountain Meadows Massacre

I dreamed a crazy dream. That we could animate a discussion of the Historical event: “The Mountain Meadows Massacre”. A third party has accepted the challenge to do this for a reasonable price.


Explanation of common questions here:

I know that some people will have reservations about the medium(Why animation?)

Last time we ran the billboard campaign, a lot of people stated they wanted something that was internet friendly, could be shared with family, or could reach the younger audience.

I think this fits all three. It’s independent, which gives it credibility. One could send them the “Punic wars” episode, and be reasonably sure that if they enjoyed that episode; they’d keep watching and hit the MMM episode along the way.

And seeing how these guys dealt with the massive death and destruction of the Punic wars, or the start of WWI in a serious and yet non-gorey manner, made me think they were the perfect ones to make the Mountain Meadows Massacre accessible

Others will want to know about the cost ($5,000)

If they charged $100 / hour for animation (A fairly reasonable rate, I think the average is $80, but the math is easier at $100) this would be about 50 hours, or just over a weeks worth of work. I know the historian puts in a lot more hours than this on each project so just on the history research alone we’re getting a deal.

Couldn’t we do something more effective

I know everyone has an idea how to get reach, and ya know, I’m okay with trying other ideas. But I took a risk, and called these guys with the idea, and they were open to it. I’m guessing that in 5 years, when they have done 30+ episodes this would cost twice as much. It was a chance to get in on the ground floor with a project and get a good price so I jumped.

This doesn’t mean we can’t do other campaigns and other projects, it’s just one more project.

How do we know you won’t just run off with the money?

Ya know, I did do this once before and didn’t run off with the money. In addition, I hope the time and effort I’ve already put into this shows my passion for this project. I want this to happen, so why would I run off with money if I want the project to happen?

In addition, if we don’t make the $5000 in 45 days; everyone gets their money back.

Why pick the Mountain Meadows Massacre? Wouldn’t animations of Joseph Smith humping all of his wives or something make more sense?

Possibly, but this is something that non-members can get behind as well. The atheist groups/sub-reddits can see that this has merit; artistically and historically. Silly animations mocking Mormonism can be done by a broader audience. Something a little more serious with credibility is worth taking the time and doing here.

Okay, I want to donate, but I don’t have much/I don’t know how/etc.

It’s simple, simply click on the link click the button. Any dollar amount helps. Last time the majority of contributions were under $20 (With one huge $1000 contribution at the end, thank you thank you thank you to the giver).

Seriously, anything helps

I just gave my last penny to /u/Kolobot[1] [+8] for the CES letter

That’s fine. I understand. That’s also a fine project. There are many things you can do with your money. This is volunteer, and all I can do is say thank you and try to fulfill.

I live in another country and gave $500, can I still do the lunch

I’m torn on this. Odds are I don’t have money to fly out to wherever just for a lunch. But I’d be happy to get a skype-lunch together of individuals and still have the conversation. I know, that’s lame, but that’s the best thought I had on people who are remote.

I want to give but don’t want the perk

That’s fine, just wave the perk when you donate

I want to give but not through this system

That’s fine, just send money to the paypal account @ MithrynAds at gmail.com

Thank you to anyone who considers giving. I hope this is a great project that helps reach individuals who otherwise know little about this point in history.

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