40 Talks in 40 Days – Look for the Possibility of Bias Dallin H. Oaks

We’re going to take a break from the “All General Conference Talks” but hold to “All General Authority” talks that are significant for today.  Thanks to user latterdayskeptic at Reddit for capturing the audio and transcribing this portion of Dallin H. Oaks’ talk:

You see these men who have been called by the Lord and their lives are an open book. Their motives and their experiences are transparent to you. You know over a period of time, you sustain them in their callings, you know where they came from, what they’ve done in their life. Look at these men. She was motioning to her husband and others similarly situated. She said, now, will you choose to believe them or are you going to choose to believe somebody that went on television and made a comment or somebody that recorded something in the internet anonymously. You don’t even know. Who do you choose to believe? These that you know, whose credentials and motives and experiences are transparent or some anonymous figure on the internet or somebody whose motive you don’t understand.You don’t know the background. [Possibly incorrect transcription here: 13:30] Now she, her husband, and I have both been educated as lawyers. One thing a lawyer has to know is that if somebody tells you something you’ve got to examine the possibility of bias or intent that causes them to say something that is not true. We have had that kind of experience. And so I share with you, brothers and sisters, especially with my young brothers and sisters, look for the possibility of bias, look for the possibility of evil motive, look for the possibility of stupidity because some people preach and wax eloquent about things that they don’t know anything about, and that is another part of my experience [don’t understand, 14:18] with that talk. [audience laughs]

I’ve included some very relevant links for each of the things he said, I could have included more on the deceitful motives from links to the church buying up 2% of Florida, to bailing out businesses with tithing funds, or missing accounting for funds,

We could talk about their prior careers and how they could never have made as much money or have as much status there as they do in their current positions.  We could discuss the total lack of accountability for these men

This entire talk is an appeal to authority.  We know so very little about the apostles, but one feels like they know them from seeing them on TV.  How many children does Elder Ballard have?  What kind of Surgery did Gordon B. Hinkley’s Great Grand daughter have? What is the number one expenditure of Russel M. Nelson?  What is his favorite drink at a party?  Which is the one and only Seventy who does not fly first class?

We feel like we know them, but we do not.  This is con-artistry, pure and simple.  The art of making you Confident (hence the “Con” root in “con-artistry”)  in someone you should be questioning.

As soon as the church releases its financials since 1959 for public review, then maybe he might have a leg to stand on to say that we know their motives.  Until that day; all we know is that they take money and are secretive about it.

The link to the audio is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/exmormon/comments/3ltbht/oaks_look_for_the_possibility_of_bias_me_how_much/

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