Julie Rowe is a true prophet

She has forseen calamities.  He knows that an earthquake is comming and troops will invade the U.S. soon.

However, I have been contacted by the Zarbleem; a Race of near-deity individuals from a planet 160.74 light years away.  It is hidden from us by dark matter blocking the telescopes.  They are granting me near god-like powers to deflect the calamities that Ms. Rowe saw.

As each date comes and the Calamity begins, I shall deflect them away with my God-like powers.  When you are confused about how Ms. Rowe got her prophecies wrong, be comforted, she was not wrong, you simply need to thank the Zarbleem (Not myself, of course, I am but their humble tool, and you can be a tool too) for deflecting the near destruction of our way of life.

All praise the Zarbleem.

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  1. zhegames says:

    Praise be. Praise be.

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