The Purpose of This Blog

Welcome to a blog that is, perhaps, a bit different from so many others.

The goal here is neither to be “Anti-Mormon” nor “Pro-Mormon,” but rather to lay facts out in an organized manner that people can relate to. ¬†We’ll handle topics from investigators meeting with missionaries, to the 1996 shooting at the Church of Christ (Templelot), to Mark Hofmann.

Roll up your sleeves and don a mining helmet; or, if you prefer the image, take a long walk with me down a country road as we toss ideas around about what it means to be “Mormon.”

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2 Responses to The Purpose of This Blog

  1. ballpointpun says:

    Nice one, Mithryn. About time you compile what you know. The ‘about’ section explains your sympathy for mental gymnastics well. I wondered why you were kindly to those insulted by ‘antimormon’ sentiment, given the general tone of r/exmormon

    • Mithryn says:

      To be honest, I’m not easily offended regardless of the side, but I find some things on /r/exmormon distasteful as I find some things on /r/lds

      but I feel a deep commitment that if we allow all the facts to be known, and let people speak their mind, things are better than if we try to control people via information.

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