Guns, Germs and Steel

If you are asking, “Why is this relevant to Mormonism?” simply watch the documentary first. It is interesting and good for general history knowledge. After watching, answer the following questions:

What were the top 3 things that allowed Cortez’s men to take out a┬ásignificantly┬ámore powerful force?


1. Steel swords and armor,

2. The invention of a written language,

3. The horse.

What three things are mentioned in the Book of Mormon that the peoples of the Americas, even the Lamanites, would be familiar with?

1. Steel swords and armor,

2. Written language (they promised to destroy the books and scriptures, so even if they didn’t write themselves, they knew what writing was),

3. The horse (King Laman has Ammon prepare his horses and chariots for travel).

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