From a Hinckley Talk (Lessons I learned as a boy)

This movie was created based on a story Gordon Hinckley’s father wrote in this novel.

This novel is a collection of moral tales that Bryant Hinckley wrote to convince children how to behave.

Again, I want to emphasize this is a work of fiction, but let’s see what this work of fiction teaches:

1) If you are thinking of doing something mean, do something nice instead.

Good lesson. I approve of that, and I think most people would as well.

2) Allow God to take credit for your good works.

Hmm, so the boys didn’t jump out and say, “Surprise, it was us!” or “Gee mister, that’s too bad about your wife. Since we clearly can throw away enough money to help someone who is sick at a moment’s whim, why don’t you come meet our father who can help your wife get better?”

In fact, why is this man working in a field with no shoes in the first place? I get it. It’s fiction for a point, but really, it’s like he’s trying to do a “Christ parable” where the details don’t matter. I guess that works for a book, but a video re-enacted from a prophet’s words at conference… maybe a higher standard should be demanded.

For example, let’s just change one detail and see what happens to the story:

When the man sees the coins, he falls on his knees and thanks the Field Fairies for sending silver coins from the goblin mines in order that his wife can be healed.

Now, don’t you kinda want the kids to come out and let him know that the field fairies didn’t actually do it? Don’t you wonder how he could ascribe U.S. Coinage appearing magically from goblin silver mines?

This “end justifies the means” thinking is beneath moral and civic leaders, and people who are respected shouldn’t descend to such tactics.

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3 Responses to From a Hinckley Talk (Lessons I learned as a boy)

  1. Dan says:

    Sir, you missed the point. Tremendously. There was no ends justify the means. I myself have been both the recipient, and the giver of extremely similar circumstances. There is something incredible that happens either way both times. Are we willing to help each other with our burdens, are we willing to see people thru Gods eyes, and judge righteously, and are we willing to sacrifice for a complete stranger simply because we love our fellow man. Your attitude toward this whole prophetic story and filming of it has fallen as pearls before swine. You have trampled the great value of this entire thing. May anybody who has read your words take great care to be prayerful and gentle with such humble and prophetic teaching if they are to critique. We can be angels for God, and we are recipients of other angels if we listen to his promptings, both for us to act for another’s behalf, and in the changes we make on our own behalf. All are edified. That’s the message for me. I find nothing out of place here. I fee you might be missing the mark. Although somewhat trivial, and of light consequence, I do love your mind, and your seemingly honest attempts to look at truth and error fairly. We all fail, prophets are not perfect as you have so revealed on this site, and it should come as no surprise to any humble deciple of Christ that mistakes are made by the highest called still, and they need our generous prayers, support…and understanding of human weakness. God Bless you, keep up the honest fight for truth. Just don’t look so hard or become offended by innocent mistakes or trivial matters. This one is minor. But it starts people on a wrong path of fault finding. There are proper ways to fault find. This seems beneath you.

    • Mithryn says:

      Pearls before swine. Oh yes, you smugly superior person who “get’s it” what a great way to show your Christian self. Call me a swine. Imply that I just don’t “get it”. Talk down to me.

      May your realize your smug-ass isn’t better than everyone else and become a better human later.

  2. Mike says:

    I love the commentary on this story. I used to watch it when I was active and thought it was a strange story even then . Love the field fairies part!!

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