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Patriarchal blessings and psychic hot readings

On my mission, I was trained by a member who was famous for his blessings how to “hot read“, although at the time I thought it was just how to give a good blessing. Since then, I’ve wondered if these … Continue reading

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Mountain Meadows Massacre Timeline

Most of the details on this post are taken from William Bagley’s book.  Will Bagley is a historian specializing in the history of the Western United States and the American Old West. Bagley has written about the fur trade, overland emigration, American Indians, military history, frontier … Continue reading

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Daggers in the temple

There is a picture on the wikipedia page for the endowment mentioning a dagger: I inquired if anyone knew what the dagger was for: “I know that in Masonry, the dagger is used with the cable-tow. They symbolism is … Continue reading

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Cougars don’t cut corners

It was my freshman year. I had never been to anything like a university before, and the sheer amount of choice staggered me. I found myself going to official functions, one after another. It was at one of these official … Continue reading

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Patriotism, honor and religion for exmormons

Today, the 4th of July, I had the honor of being at an event where the head speaker was a prominent political figure working for Dick Cheyney.  I’ve often wondered how the people making decisions regarding national spying and wars … Continue reading

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